Meet the Artists and Craftsmen
Most shops open at 10am and
close around 5pm daily.  With
and galleries, there's plenty to
and galleries, there's plenty to
see every day of the year.  You
can visit with the artists and
craftsmen, see them work and
purchase wonderful keepsake
items.  You'll enjoy a day or two
visiting the 8 mile crafts trail.
The Community proudly represents over 100 of Gatlinburg's finest artisans all located in an 8 mile Trail loop.
You will enjoy an entire day or two shopping and visiting with the artists and craftsmen.  See them at work in their
workshops and studios.  This a great experience for the entire family or just the two of you, there's plenty of free
parking at each shop throughout the trail loop.  Ride the "Craft Trolley" if you'd like to see it all without the hassles of
driving, a one-fare trip will provide a great way to see everything getting on and off as often as you like.  Either way
you travel you won't be disappointed, you'll see history in the making and it's the real thing!  
Broom making goes back to the beginning as pioneers provided for
themselves with every day necessities.  As visitors came to the Smokies
to vacation they were intrigued with the "locals" and their ways, they
were very interested in purchasing their novel items such as a
handmade broom.  They saw them as unique pieces of art and couldn't
wait to take it home and hang it on the wall for decoration.  You'll still
meet the 3rd generation broom maker today when you visit.