Just 5 miles east of Gatlinburg, on what was  once our great grandparents farm, we create fine mtn. made
crafts from local hardwoods. From functional to decorative and one-of-a-kind pieces. Since 1979. Our work
is also carried by the Cliff Dwellers Gallery. Shop #61 on the brochure. (865) 436-0180.

Proffitt's Woodworks-Cliff Dwellers
 For over 37 years our family has been producing fine mountain made crafts, featuring quality
woodworking inspired by our Appalachian heritage. Using local woods from the Smokies, we create
kitchen items, beautiful hair barrettes, one of a kind decorative and functional pieces for your home.

strange but true........ our 5th. great grandfather Benajah Proffitt, once owned the land that the Cliff
Dwellers is sitting on now. He got 5000 acres from Jata Bird, a Cherokee. There was`no money involved, it
was`all barter.Jata got the best of the deal.......!! The park took most of the land several years later.